Service Management/ITIL

The Ballard Group has been a leading provider of ITIL services for a number of years. Our ITSM consulting team has rich experience through providing ITSM solutions to public sector and large private sector organizations.

Our experience in the IT Service Management domain has enabled us to develop a successful model to implement, mature, and educate on all aspects of the ITIL processes and their supporting ITSM tools.

IT service management is built around processes and practices that gauge the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions rather than their development. ITSM measures the operational efficiency of a solution in meeting the service level expectations of the end-user and how technical IT manages these systems to deliver the desired service level.

ITIL is one such comprehensive suite of best practices, procedures, and standards, as well as an authoritative framework for ITSM which helps organizations to govern IT services. ITSM introduces a comprehensive framework that will enable organizations to:

  • • Strategically define their services.
  • • Design and develop the processes that enable IT organizations to deliver and support their services.
  • • Support processes to maintain services.
  • • Develop processes that can continually improve and align services to the needs of customers.

ITIL V3 Service Lifecycle is comprised of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operations with Continual Service Improvement.

  • • Service Strategy -- Assisting organizations in developing the ability to operate strategically. This enables them to improve and grow successfully in the long term.
    • • Strategy generation
    • • Financial management
    • • Service portfolio management
    • • Demand management
  • • Service Design -- Gathering the service needs and mapping them to requirements for integrated services.
    • • Capacity, Availability, and Information Security Management
    • • Service Level & Supplier Management
  • • Service Transition -- Development and improvement of capabilities for new and changed services into operation.
    • • Change Management
    • • Release & Deployment
    • • Service Validation & Testing
    • • Configuration Management
    • • Knowledge Management
  • • Service Operation -- Business operations, "business as usual' activities.
    • • Problem & Incident Management
    • • Request Fulfilment
    • • Event & Access Management
  • • Continual Service Improvement -- Creating and maintaining value for customers by consciously improving the strategy, design, transition, and operations. CSI concerns both incremental and large-scale improvements across the service lifecycle.
    • • Service Measurement & Reporting
    • • 7 -Step Improvement Process

Tools/Technology and Implementation

The Ballard Group has extensive experience in applying good practices for tools, technology, design, and implementations of the ITSM enterprise class tools at our clients' sites. We can assist in identifying requirements, identifying products, determining selection criteria, evaluating products, narrowing to a short list, scoring, ranking, and the final selection, in addition to providing the required implementation support.