Software Testing and Quality Assurance

According to a Federal National Institute of Standards and Technology's study, it costs 30 times more to fix application problems in production than during design. The Ballard Group can show you how to build quality into applications every step of the way, and how to effectively test throughout development to ensure proper functionality and performance. In fact, because of our reputation and expertise, we are often asked to assume the testing responsibility for Systems Integrators' large implementation projects.

The Ballard Group's Software Testing / Quality Assurance solutions include:

  • • Testing and Quality Services (TQS)
    • o Manage Testing and Quality Assurance efforts for various applications
    • o Provide support for the development of testing methodologies and procedures including:
         unit, integration, system, systems integration, user acceptance, load/performance, and
         regression testing
    • o Provide a roadmap to integrate SOA testing into existing Quality Processes
  • • Test Planning/Strategy and Execution
  • • Manual and Automated Testing
  • • On-site and Cloud-based Load Testing
  • • SOA Test Transformation
  • • Security Testing

The Ballard Group is often referred to as the "Testing Experts". Early on, the California Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) relied on The Ballard Group's expertise to provide independent verification of California counties' Year 2000 (Y2K) preparedness. More recently, a large transportation organization asked The Ballard Group to plan and implement a comprehensive testing program for a customized third-party application, based on client/server, web and mobile laptop technologies.

With the huge increase in web and mobile application use, fueled in part by the surge in social media, more and more organizations are discovering how important it is to load test those applications before deployment.  In addition, knowing real-time what your users are actually experiencing is becoming a critical success factor.   The Ballard Group recommends using SOASTA solutions to address both needs, locally and worldwide.    SOASTA  CloudTest® offers state-of-the-art technology for testing your web and mobile applications from the cloud – your cloud or SOASTA’s.  Of course it can test the application’s underlying functionality as well.

As a SOASTA partner, The Ballard Group testing specialists apply their expertise to the most effective deployment of the SOASTA solutions.  We recently assisted with SOASTA load testing for California’s Franchise Tax Board, to ensure that their applications and infrastructure could successfully scale to support their expected peak tax filing season.  (For more details on CloudTest®, please see this short video.)

Ongoing, SOASTA mPulse can be used to provide you real-time visibility into response times as experienced by actual users.  mPulse tracks and aggregates the performance and engagement metrics most important to your business—directly from a user’s mobile app or browser—allowing you to fine tune and optimize applications until they meet your business objectives. And unlike competing solutions that randomly sample user interactions, mPulse captures every single user experience across every browser, platform, OS and geographical location, and instantly presents this data to you in a vivid, compelling and actionable format.  (For more details on mPulse, please see this short video.)

For both software quality and security, The Ballard Group helps organizations:

  • • Implement immediate solutions to pressing problems.
  • • Build quality and security into applications as early as the design phase.
  • • Execute performance testing to ensure the application is scalable and secure, prior to
  • • Perform effective production monitoring, alerting, and problem resolution after deployment.