Managed Print Services (MPS)

The Ballard Group offers superior Managed Print Services (MPS) as a software and implementation partner of Bayfinch. With a decade of experience and over 20,000 clients, Bayfinch's technology:

        • Provides an instant return on investment with fewer resources than any other approach

        • Takes over and manages existing fleets irrespective of equipment make and model

        • Incorporates the existing service and supply chain under one single infrastructure

        • Drives the highest return on investment when compared with any other MPS
         proposition available today

Typically, our customers' immediate savings (10-15%) come from their printing supplies cost as a result of eliminating waste and by more efficiently managing their print services through automation. These reductions are often found in:

        • Supplies wastage (such as due to shelf life expiration and ink replacement before necessary)

        • Buying too many supplies

        • Buying too few supplies and paying premium prices for urgent replacements

        • Fewer emergency service calls

        • Equipment reduction or right-sizing to operational needs

Over time, costs savings of 25-35% are not unusual, depending on the type of industry involved.

But Why Should You Care about        
Managing your Print Assets?       

         • A National Public Transport Agency reduced its 3-year
            Total Cost of Ownership from $8.8M to $6.5M (26%).

         • A major consulting organization saw a $7.5M
            reduction over 3 years, from $23M down to $15.5M.

         • A healthcare conglomerate of over 100 facilities
            achieved overall savings in excess of 30%.

The Ballard Group team is offering Bayfinch's automated technology to help realize these savings and increase overall productivity. Many global telecommunication providers, financial institutions, retailers and utilities are among our customers. Governmental entities such as U.K. National Rail, the U.K. Financial Services Agency (equivalent to the United States S.E.C), and the Leeds City Council are all successfully leveraging this technology to reduce their bottom-line printing costs. Bayfinch technology offers a comprehensive continuum of possible integration throughout your infrastructure, such as integrating supply purchases with your ERP to alerting your Help Desk CRM of equipment servicing needs. From there The Ballard Group can further assist in assessing potential workflow improvements and paper elimination strategies. You determine what degree of implementation is right for your organization. (For more details on the hidden costs related to print services, here's a link to an independent article that presents the value proposition very succinctly: )

In Healthcare: MPS can play a critical role as new initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Health Benefit Exchanges (HBEX), and ICD-10 are deployed. All of these initiatives will drive up the volume of printing, for both payers and providers, in areas such as:

        • Communication with patients related to new policies, procedures, and benefits

        • Ongoing correspondence with patients and trading partners regarding claims processing and

        • Increased regulatory compliance documentation requirements

        • Legal documentation associated with litigated benefits and claims disputes

        • Internal dissemination of updated policies, procedures, and other documentation

"Healthcare organizations who proactively         
implement effective Managed Print         
Services now can enjoy immediate         
lower costs today and better manage         
the predictable increase in print         
requirements near-term and ongoing."         

How do I find out where my current costs lie?

Provide a few simple pieces of information, and then meet with The Ballard Group team for one hour to discuss an initial estimate, confirm some assumptions and determine if the estimated benefits are of interest to your organization.

If so, the actual level of cost savings available to your specific organization can be confirmed via a brief Proof of Concept. For a period of up to 45 Days, an intelligent monitor will track actual print usage for any network-attached print devices. (The design of this monitor provides intelligence to detect network traffic and adjust its own monitoring so as not to impact network performance, and we install it for you in about 30 minutes.) The result will be a detailed analysis of your specific print usage and cost savings opportunities.