FQHC's/Community Health Centers

The community of Health Centers, including FQHC’s, are facing many daunting challenges today.  First and foremost is how to provide the best possible health results to your patients with scarce resources.   Add to that the need to comply with the new governance and reporting requirements, which in turn necessitate better patient care coordination internally and with other facilities in your area. The Ballard Group can help.

We offer solutions tailored to address these challenges for both internal improvements and better analytics and patient care coordination with your healthcare partners:

  • Health Care Accelerator™ (HCA) – provides better visibility to improve patient care, operational efficiency, and financial performance.  For example, you can easily see how many patients each physician sees daily, and more importantly, how much revenue it produces.  (On average our clients have improved physician utilization by 20% or more.)  This information is drawn from your existing systems (clinical, financial, HR, population management, etc.) to provide an integrated, up-to-the-minute executive dashboard.

  • Compass™ – enables a comparison of patient care and results across disparate organizations, without requiring they standardize the systems they have implemented.  This allows you to see which organizations are performing best in terms of key metrics such as quality of care, outcomes, and financial performance, to identify and proliferate successful approaches across all the organizations.  Importantly, this solution does not require the participants to standardize on a single EHR system.

    In one implementation it was discovered that 75% of active diabetic patients were not getting blood tests on a regular basis, enabling corrective action to be taken. This type of visibility can be provided across one large hospital’s Community Health Center facilities, or across any coalitions you may participate in.

  • HIE-Lite™ – facilitates Coordination of Care between clinics, hospitals, and specialty practices.   HIE-Lite identifies and routes patients’ information to their primary care provider for proper coordination and care related to ER, Admission, and Discharge/follow-up care.  This helps reduce unnecessary ER use and duplicate tests, as well as reducing readmission rates.  This Coordination of Care is triggered via an automated alerting approach, letting the primary care provider know that activity related to their patient is occurring.  Again, this solution does not require the participants to standardize on a single EHR system.

    In one group of healthcare facilities HIE-Lite is currently managing over 300,000 safety net patients, making it one of the largest operational HIE’s in California today.

All of the above solutions are technically straightforward to implement, and we provide experienced healthcare and IT experience to help address the questions that often arise related to data integrity and recommended actions.  If you’re struggling with any or all of these issues, The Ballard Group is ready to help.

We look forward to helping you better support your mission!